The Simple Living Store was founded in February 2022 in rural South Dakota. It is woman owned by me, Jessica Halvorson, and was founded after the loss of both of my parents, when self care was a difficult thing to manage. I didn't know where to start, so I decided that I would find my own way to be better about my self care; I started researching about healthy coping strategies, indoor and outdoor gardening, proper nutrition, calisthenics and yoga, dopamine detox, overthinking, stress related ailments and more. I really struggled with finding a purpose and felt like I had lost my identity. It was time for me to start living for myself. So, I started gardening when I would need to cope instead of scrolling on my phone all day (or doing whatever else is it when we as humans want to numb our feelings), I started meditating daily, I implemented a natural beauty routine, I started lighting more candles and using more scents, and I started massaging my muscles when they would become tense and knotted.  I just wished I didn't have to get all my items for my self care routines from so many different places. This is what ended up inspiring me to create this store; I realized I could help others going through the same struggles and perhaps make their lives more convenient.
       The Simple Living Store was created in the hopes that more people would have access to products in one place that are better for the environment and better for them with inexpensive shipping. It is run by me, an amateur gardener, with help from my life partner, Steven. We are passionate about taking a holistic approach when it comes to building healthy selfcare habits, and overall health, wellness and happiness. We want to support others on their self care journeys. Whether you have trauma, are dealing with a loss, or may just be feeling a little down, we have what you need to nurture yourself and pick yourself back up. As of late, the world has just started to bring more focus to the importance of mental health and more resources are slowly becoming available. We want to do our part to make it easier to form healthy coping mechanisms through gardening, meditation and yoga, massage, aromatherapy, and natural hair care and skin care. We want others to feel their best even when they may be at their lowest. The world we strive for is simple: we should love the earth and all the beings in it.
       We currently offer a wide variety of different products ranging from gardening supplies to massage accessories and meditation equipment. In the future, we hope to extend our range of products more. If there's anything that you're wanting but not seeing, send us a message!