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Adjustable LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

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Help your plants grow quickly
The 45W LED plant growth light promotes the growth of plant leaves and rhizomes, protein synthesis, prolongs the flowering stage, and brings a 30% increase in production (data from our customers' feedback).
Full-spectrum LED light source suitable for indoor plant growth
88 high-value, high-quality, high-efficiency LED chips are matched with plant light sources. Designed with the best light ratio, no light spots, easy for plants to absorb. The wavelength of the growth light is 380 ~ 840nm, which can be applied to various growth stages of indoor plants, completely replacing sunlight.
Large lighting area
The 120-beam angle and long gooseneck-shaped growth light can expand the effective lighting area. Equipped with a flexible gooseneck and a rotatable bulb, making it easier for you to adjust the angle and distance between the light and the plants. The full-spectrum growth lamp can provide 360-degree light for plants to promote plant growth.

Efficient and scientific heat dissipation design
The bulb shell is made of aviation aluminum, which is one of the thermally conductive materials. The fin-shaped heat sink design increases the heat dissipation area, which can prolong the service life of the high-quality LED chip of the growth lamp 88, without luminous decay, and guarantee the service life of the growth lamp up to 5000 hours.
5 Brightness and 3 Switch Modes
5 adjustable brightness to suit varied stages of plant growth, and 3 switch modes: one light on, two lights on and three lights on. 360-degree flexible gooseneck with clip that can easily adjust the angle and distance, which enlarge the illumination area and provided more efficient lighting for more plants.

Input voltage: 5V (V)
Luminous flux: 980 (lm)
Tube length:40 cm/15.7 inch
Line length:120 cm/47.2 inch
Power: M (2 heads/45 W), L (3 heads/68 W)
weight:M(863 g/1.9 lb),L(1140 g/2.5 lb)
Protection level: IP42
Size: 61*11*7.5 cm/24*4*3 inch
Temperature rise: 5000 (K)
Luminous efficiency of lamps and lanterns: 500 (lm/W)
Control method: switch
Life: 50000 (H)
Number of LED lamp beads: 132
Power factor: 0.5
Shell material: iron + aluminum


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