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Soil Free Big Capacity Seed Sprouter Tray

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 This is an all time favorite of Simple Living! These trays are great for anyone interested in sprouting. It's great for beginners and experienced sprouters alike; it's very simple to use. The first thing you'll do is grab the seeds you'll be using, put a tablespoon full in a jar with room temperature water, and leave it overnight to let them soak. The following day, you'll drain the water out of the jar and then you'll spread the seeds across the white part of the sprouting tray (the part with holes). You'll want to put this in indirect sunlight and rinse gently and mist it daily (you want to make sure the seeds stay moist throughout the day, sometimes you may have to mist a few times). Once the sprouts are done growing and you're ready to harvest, you'll rinse one last time. This makes for a nutritious option for home grown food and it is so easy! You can put sprouts in smoothies, salads, sandwiches, or if you have cats, they love wheatgrass!


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